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Posted on: April 15, 2010 7:32 pm

MLB Power Rankings

These are my Power Rankings As of 4/15/10

1. Twins - I like how they are playing, New Stadium lots of Energy.

2. Yankees - Being 5-3 and winning Serieses in Boston and Tampa Bay is very Impressive

3. Philles - Although they are 7-1 when you play every game against the Nats and Astros it is easy to win.

4. Giants - With Deadly Pitching and Hot Hitting so far this could be very good.

5. Cardinals - I pick them 5th because This team will lose If other players don't Step it up besides Pujols.

6. Rays - Being 6-3 is good but average when you have played 6 of those games against the Orioles.

7. Tigers - So far Thier Young Pitching Staff has held up but for how long will it hold?

8. Blue Jays - Being 6-3 is surprising but history says it will not be long untill they are a .500 team again.

9. Diamond Backs - Without Webb This team has held up and beating the Dodgers is a confidence boster for them.

10. A's - Can be good but not great.

11. Reds - Sweeping The Marlins Away is A very big Acomplishment.

12. Rockies - JUST ahead of the Rangers they can be very good or very bad.

13. Rangers - A very Shaky Bullpen But Nelson Cruz has carried this Team.

14. Redsox - A lot of Positives (Lackey, Scutaro.) But alot Of Negatives (Ortiz, Cameron.) But they can be very good.

15. Marlins - A very Young Team That is very inconsistant and may have the most underated player in Jorge Cantu.

16. Cubs - A weak Offense has suddenly come on in late.

17. Brewers - A brutal Early Schedule but with solid hitting they have surrvived

18. Braves - If Jason Heyward Keeps hitting Homers this team is dangerous.

19. White Sox - Turmoil In Front Office Need Alex Rios To step it up Big time.

20.. Seattle - When They Get Lee back they will have a deadly 1, 2 Punch

21. Kansas City - With the Schedule they played 4-5 is moe like 6-3 to them.

22. Pirates - Give The Pirates credit they Have a better record then the dodgers.

23. Nats - Kepping it close with the Phils Is a Moral win for them.

24. Angels - MATSUI!

25. Dodgers - One word Pitiful

26. Indians - They Have to have Grady to be an All Star and Hafner to return to his old self.

27. Padres - Could be good if they would have a decent Pitching Staff.

28. Mets - 3-6 And have a worse record then the Nats how much worse can you get.

29. Baltimore - The Worst Bullpen in Baseball

30. - I really thought they would be better then 1-8

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